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UVH Team History

Utah Valley Hockey was established in May 2016.

Its youth as a team is considered an advantage by students and hockey players on the Utah Valley University campus, who are excited to continue to learn and grow in their skill as individuals and as a team.

The new Utah Valley Hockey coach – Patrick Perrett, is very excited to be working with the talented Utah Valley Hockey team.

Utah Valley Hockey completed its first season in February of 2017, and their performance during this first season has left both players and fans alike excited for what the future holds for the Utah Valley Hockey team.

They finished 4th in the competitive Mountain West Conference and won 8 games during the season.

UVH Team Mission

The Utah Valley Hockey team mission is – to improve oneself and each other through competition, education, and service.

Each team member is dedicated to self-improvement and team improvement, as could be seen through the hard work they put into practices and games last season. With each new season, UVH hopes to improve in strategy, game play, and cohesiveness as a team.

United by the UVH team mission, each player understands the importance of hard work, leadership, teamwork, and the value of never giving up. These lessons serve them both as a team and as individuals perusing their educational goals and entering the wider world.

The UVH team recognizes the value of education through traditional classes and through their sports.

UVH Team Mascot

The Utah Valley Hockey team is known as the Wolverines.

In nature, wolverines are known for their ferocious dedication to the chase, their ability to endure the harsh winter ice and cold, and their powerful hunting skills, which makes them the perfect mascot for the UVH hockey team.

Go Wolverines!